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Making holiday moments special

Make holiday moments special….

Recently on a cold, snowy day before Christmas, I was flipping through the newspaper.  On the cover of one of the little food magazines was this decadent looking cake.  Although I try to avoid such temptations, I could not help but slow down to see just what kind of cake was featured.  As I read the name, a small smile came to me.  It was a spice cake with molasses cream cheese frosting.  As soon as I read the name, I thought of my dad.  He would have loved it as he always loved anything with spice – gingersnaps, molasses cookies, spice cake, etc.  He was even known to eat Fruitcake!  And like father I am his daughter.  These are now some of my favorite treats also.  The next thought was how much I wished I could make this cake for him.  How special it would be to have cake and coffee with him.  He passed away in October 2005.   It made me realize how quickly time goes.  How often we think we will have many years to do the things we want for others.  And how sad it is when suddenly you realize you cannot.  Although my father and I had a very arduous relationship for years while I was growing up, we fortunately managed to put our differences aside the last ten years and build a very solid relationship.  He still got on my nerves at times but we came along way.  And since his passing, many times the very things that aggravated me then I have acknowledged to his spirit that yes dad, you were right. 

So my wish for all of you this Holiday season is to put those differences aside.  Think about the special things you would like to do for others and do them while you can.  Reach out to someone where the relationship is strained – be the first to make an effort.  Contrary to what marketers would like us to believe, it is the special times, not the material things that can make the season full of joy!  I challenge you this Holiday season to create three special memories with friends or family.  Reach out to someone in need, give up a grudge, call an old friend, and just make the effort. 

I wish all of you a very healthy and wonderful Holiday Season and look forward to seeing you in 2014.

All the Best,



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