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Flood 2013 – Mud, Mosquitoes, Mold and More

Greetings to all!

Well, we are now through week one of the Flood 2013.  If you were flooded or were helping in the cleanup efforts, you have now seen enough mud to last a lifetime.  Hopefully you are done with the mud and water.  Now what are we up for in week two?

I have been helping others until about 6:30 every evening.  I can tell you that on Saturday I noticed a great increase in the number of mosquitoes out.   Look around your yard and areas to see if there is any standing water.  If so, I would suggest you treat as soon as possible.   I found a product at Home Depot that will treat standing water for mosquito larvae. There are still sprays out for both your yard and yourself.   Although I am not one to want to spray anything extra around, this may be the time to do so.  Just be very careful and watch the areas if you are outside at twilight or in the early evening.

Another issue that can sneak up on you is mold.  I lived in the Midwest and the South for many years.  I have seen mold growing 2+ inches thick on drywall in a main floor room.  The stuff is amazing.  Please do not take any chances.    If your home was affected by the flood, do some research and understand what conditions breed mold and where it is most likely to thrive.  Now is not the time to take shortcuts or try and save money.  If it was damp, use lots of bleach water.  If it was standing in water for a period of time, get rid of it.  Please understand that this is a major health issue for yourself and your family.

After this week a few observations:

I now have a new respect for the joy of a hot shower.  Do not take such things for granted.  I have friends who no longer have this luxury.

I am so very grateful for the comfort of my own home.  My heart breaks for all of these displaced for who knows how long.

I will recommend Service Master for any major cleanup.  These crews were from all over the country.  They were so awesome – friendly, nice, considerate.  They work in horrible conditions and yet maintain a great attitude.  In addition, they would come running if they found anything salvageable.  What an amazing group.

Hats off to the Red Cross and much gratitude.  I am always leery of donating to large organizations.  Well they have now won my respect.  Two retirees from Omaha were in the neighborhood handing out supplies to whoever needed them.  Amazing how handy a simple tarp can be yet they had several to give away.  The next day they were there with snacks!  What a group!  If you want to help in a disaster this is the group to send your check to.

I simply cannot stress enough please let me know what you need help with and I am happy to try and assist.  This is a tough time for many and we can get through it.  That is human nature.  Let me know how I can make things easier for you!


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